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ASIC Design & Verification:

Last decade has been a very exciting for anybody working in semiconductor. Consumer expectations coupled with low product lifecycle time demand optimal processes that can be executed with
lowest possible cost and fastest time-to-market. ...Read more

Physical Design

Chipex physical design team comes with considerable execution expertise on complex SoC designs, latest tech nodes & industry standard methodologies. Our engineers are experienced to work on quick production and
fabrication cycles. ...Read more

Custom Analog Circuit & Layout Design

Chipex provides Backend Design Services which include Analog & mixed signal circuit design , Custom Layout , package design and PCB design Our engineers are well versed with industry standard tools and technologies ...Read more

Embedded Systems

Chipex can be your partner to develop solutions for embedded product engineering and development. Embedded systems and software are driving the all aspects of modern life and there is hardly any sector that doesn’t have electronics footprint these days. ...Read more

Internet of Health Things



The entire healthcare industry is poised to undergo an unprecedented transformation as a result of technology advances and healthcare access concerns due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, which is manifest in the COVID-19 disease that has forced hundreds of millions of people worldwide to change their behaviours in terms of how they obtain healthcare services. We see substantial growth in the healthcare industry largely propelled by IoMT technology and applications for health status monitoring, wellness, and acute care.

Various Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) technologies will be a game-changer for the healthcare ecosystem in the coming decade in terms of systems, processes, and services delivery. The infiltration of IoMT devices has been swift and cunning thanks to a desensitization to technological

advancements. We're not surprised anymore, we're expectant. The demand to stay ahead of the tech boom has been felt in nearly every industry, none arguably more so than in the healthcare field, where the need for reliable and secure WiFi performance is paramount. It is estimated that 80% of health care centres have now adopted wireless internet to support the growing demand for WiFi devices, cloud-based storage apps and software and WiFi enabled communications.

Meet Our Experts

Vishal Kumar Kistapuram

Co-founder & Chief Development Officer

Vishal has an MTech from IIT Kharagpur and MBA from IIM Bangalore. He has 14+ years of experience in VLSI industry which is spread across STA, Characterization, IO design, Memory design, IBIS, Hspice modelling, Speed file generation, .lib generation/characterization and Signal Integrity Analysis using Hspice and ADS. This includes working on various IO Standards like LVDS, DDR/DDR2/DDR3 - Design, Characterization and modelling. The Signal Integrity Analysis includes the Simultaneous Switching Outputs (SSO), Crosstalk, Termination Effects etc.

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Rohit Reddy

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Rohit has Master’s Degree in ECE from IIT KGP and over a decade of working experience on high speed SERDES blocks, Power management circuits & ADC/DAC’s. His other Areas of interests includes analog & mixed signal design, Quantum Mechanics & Computing. He is also trained in krav maga & calisthenics

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